Meet the Team

How it all started…

For years, as Ki criss-crossed the nation hunting great vintage, she wondered two things: What might she be missing? And, wouldn't it be great if there were a directory to let her know?

She tagged her vision, FleaQuest, and logged the idea on her "some day" list. "Some day" has arrived, along with a great team to make her wish real! Partnering with Tieran, a longtime friend and business associate, and her son Tyson, Ki has conquered her quest, putting fabulous finds easily within her reach, as well as in yours.

Ki Nassauer


When she's not working on, Ki can be found deftly managing her multiple enterprises under the brand from her sunny Los Angeles perch: the Junk Bonanza, the Junk Revolution community, an online shop and, oh, yes, in her spare time, she is executive editor of Flea Market Style and Flea Market Style Weddings magazines, too. She has a passion for Marcona almonds and her Swedish Warmblood horse, Shameless, not necessarily in that order. Her favorite flea market find won't surprise you: a spotted, black and white, cast-iron merry-go-round horse.

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Tieran Haskin

Design Guru

Tieran is responsible for the look of the FQ site and collateral design. She also brainstorms how to harness technology to simplify the pursuit of vintage shopping. Skier, crafty dabbler and daily consumer of dark chocolate, Tieran also has designed with FQ User Interface Designer Rob Haskin for almost 20 years. Their best work? Daughters Brynn And Tess. Her favorite flea market finds are multiple. But the title goes to...the hand-painted Swedish bed panel that hangs on her dining room wall.

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Tyson Nassauer

Finance, Data and Merchant Network

Tyson describes his FQ job as making Ki's big ideas real. During the week he splits his time between FleaQuest and another tech startup based in Santa Monica. He spends his weekends cruising the beaches on a one-speed bicycle, skiing at nearby Mammoth Mountain or stopping by his mother’s house to assist with her never-ending list of projects. He enjoys building contemporary industrial furniture, subscribes to Entrepreneur and loves the TV show, "How It's Made." His favorite rescue is a stainless steel coat rack that once belonged to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Rob Haskin

User Interface Designer

Rob co-owns Olive & Company, a marketing and design company in downtown Minneapolis, to which he commutes from the wilds of Lindstrom, Minn. He can't live without music, but his true guilty pleasure is watching bad horror movies. Not surprisingly, his favorite flea market finds are a vintage 8mm movie camera, projector and screen, "and they work!" Photography and film editing are his favorite hobbies. In addition to their daughters, Rob and Tieran Haskin have an increasingly demanding Shitzu called Olive, the company namesake.

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Peter Robelia

Front-End Developer

Although a serious tech enthusiast, Peter's interests expand beyond the web, to playing music, reading books, and watching movies. His best flea market score was a baritone for $15. Just like Rob, he is mightily pleased that his inexpensive find works, noting, "it plays great!" In addition to his other interests, Peter spends his downtime fixing up his 120-year-old house in Northeast Minneapolis. What can't he live without? The occasional pint of Ben & Jerry's "Chubby Hubby."

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Taylor Nassauer

Social Media Maven

Tay's non-networking hours on FQ's behalf are usually spent walking her dogs, Rigley and Beans, with her husband, Ben, or clad in her Free City sweatpants, in or out of Spin class. Her guilty pleasure is Homeland (but cheese may also find its way into the mix) and she never leaves home without a cherry ChapStick. She moved to Los Angeles at 18 and, like her brother, Tyson, thinks only fleetingly of her native Minnesota. A collection of vintage clocks are Taylor's flea fave. She loves dancing but thinks she isn't very good at it.